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The consequences of mistakes

The way I have felt lately has not been the greatest. It seems like something wrong happens, then something bad happens and then more shit happens.

I realized the circumstances of my actions, and I’m not proud of them. I wish I could take it back. This is so unnecessary and I hate it.

I hate hospitals, I hate anything that involves doctors and hospitals. Although they’re there for our benefit, but I just hate the whole idea of it. I wish we would never get sick or have issues so we wouldn’t have to go to the doctor.

Whatever, I will be a man and suck it up. I could have it way worse and this is just a lesson to learn from because my health is the most important thing.

Wish me luck tomorrow as it won’t be a joyful day, but at least I will get rid of this sickness. Hopefully forever.

On a positive note, I’m thankful for everyone that has been there for me and I love every single one of you that has touched my life in some way. I believe I’ve been blessed to have so many great people in my life.

Today is my bestfriend’s Ani’s birthday!!!!! She’s finally 18 and we can “party” hahaha shes the bestest friend ever and I love her dearly with all my heart.

Okay enough rambling.

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